Fontainbleu Luxury Homes for Sale in Richmond Hill

Fontainebleau Park Richmond Hill It’s one of the hidden treasures of York Region. Veiled around Bayview Avenue and Bloomington Sideroad, we find Fontainebleu Park – an upscale community that homes some of the most expensive estates in York Region.

Named after the commune in the metropolitan area of Paris, France, the architecture in the area resembles that of classic Europe.  With large ceilings, long driveways and triumphant entrances, it’s a distinguished division of class.

As you turn off Bloominton and head onto Worthington Avenue, you enter Fontainebleu Park. On the left, you’ll find a playground with slides, and swings.  A few steps away is where the sports happen with a  baseball diamond and basketball court. Further down the trail, a couple of hills that are  great for an afternoon of tobogganing during the winter months. Still on Worthington Avenue, you see the type of luxury that is living on these streets. A bit of a hill midway down the avenue, you will notice the continuing growth in the neighborhood as more homes are always being built. After a sharp turn, you’re suddenly on Snively Street which leads back on  Bayview Avenue.

Pagean Drive is a modest street where stands some of the nicest homes in the neighborhood. A recent property on the drive that stood at 4,000 square feet, fetched around $850,000.

Paradelle Drive runs through most of the division, starting at the entrance off Bloomington and it travels till you hit the dead end which also plays as the beginning of a walk way to hiking trails and greenery delight.

The smallest street on the block but still powerful in terms of real estate is Migonette Street that holds only five homes, but is the leader with the homes with most land.  Migonette can be found in between Worthington and Pagean Drive.

While living around the clock within the walls of this estate would be wonderful, we have to leave the nest, sometime. However, you don’t have to tread too far as many of the necessities are close by.  Prestigious schools such as the all boys St. Andrews College is less than 20 minutes away. Meanwhile, Cardinal Carter Catholic High School is off Bloomington and Ecole Secondaire Catholique Renaissance – a French Catholic school – is just to the west closer to Bathurst Street and Bloomington.

Oak Ridges is the home of some of the most beautiful trails and parks including the landmark Lake Wilcox. A good hike could also lead to a good apatite which is easy to find living off Bayview Avenue. For the commuters in the family, 404 is a short drive away.

It’s a home of bliss living in Fontainebleau.

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