Give Neutral Shades A Try

Neutral colour may seem an oxymoron but think again.

These are shades that are happy to take a back seat to a room’s contents. Neutrals do more than quietly stand in the background to let the show-offs next to them take centre stage; they anchor a room, create a mood and complement a busy pattern.

Taking their inspiration from nature, neutral colours are earth tones from the deepest browns to the palest grays, and even blues, blacks muted reds, subdued greens and soft yellows. Consider blue skies, night skies and the seas below, a mountain range, a farmer’s field or setting sun. With all of this variety, neutrals are anything but boring. It’s only when neutrals are left to stand on their own, without any complementary patterns or textures that they become dull.

Neutrals are the get-along colours, layering well together and allowing texture to fill a room and create more interest.

To create a simple peaceful home, the best bet would be to use off-white or beiges as paint colour or among dominant furniture. These give a calming effect to the room.

Or, give your home a warm comforting rustic feel by using dark neutrals, such as shades of brown, rust and black.

Colourful fabrics, area rugs, artwork, vases, lampshades and pillows should draw some of their influence from the neutral colour in the room

But be aware that neutral colours do have undertones or second shades to them. These undertones can be pink, tan, gold, yellow, blue or even peach. It’s important to know because it can make your accessories sing or turn them tone deaf.

To make it work, think in contrasts, like warm versus cool or textured versus polished or light versus dark. For example, a burlap chair will pair well with a polished steel, glass or dark wood table. Throw on a deep red or blue tablecloth and it thanks to the neutrals, they unify, instead of compete with the trio.

After all, if Mother Nature can make a bevy of neutral colours co-operate as a noticeable backdrop to some of her more spectacular displays, surely we can do the same at home.

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