Choosing Garage Doors

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Up to 50 percent of your home’s front façade can be garage doors. Particularly with newer homes, choosing the right garage door can make a big impact on your home’s look and curb appeal. It just makes sense to consider style as well as durability when planning to purchase new garage doors.
As with almost everything for your home, there are almost infinite choices available for garage door styles, colours, and quality. Research the manufacturer and installer carefully before you buy to ensure you get the best quality for your money. If you plan to add a garage door opening system to your new doors, consider checking that your new doors are compatible with your system before you buy to avoid costly mistakes.
The raised panel steel door is the most common and most affordable garage door option. If you have a garage separate from your home, this uninsulated option may be a good, cost-effective choice. It can be custom painted to match your home’s trim colour, or any colour you wish and it requires little maintenance.
If your garage is attached to your home, and especially if you have living space directly above it, an insulated garage door will keep your home much more comfortable. You may also want the added insulation if your garage is also a workshop area. Insulated doors are also stronger and more dent-resistant, providing a more durable door against hockey pucks and basketballs!
Fibreglass garage doors, although slightly more costly, can provide the look of real wood, but with no maintenance and more affordably. Fibreglass won’t warp or crack and it will resist dents and dings from day-to-day wear and tear. Wood tones of mahogany, oak and walnut are readily available. Or consider a painted finish in any colour of the rainbow to match your home’s character and style.
Although more costly and requiring regular maintenance, the traditional charm of authentic wood is hard to beat. Wood doors, properly maintained, will last decades. Wood is also infinitely customizable. So if you need something exactly right for your unique home, wood might be the right choice for you.

Whichever option best suits your lifestyle and budget, making the right choice will add character and a finished, cohesive look to your home’s façade.

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Determining Needs vs. Wants When Buying a Home

What you need and what you want.

When the time comes to begin your search for the perfect home, there’s a good chance you have an idea of what you’d like to find inside it. A gourmet kitchen, glistening hardwood floors and a luxurious master ensuite may be at the top of your list. It’s a good idea, however, to establish a list of needs and wants in order to avoid purchasing a home with a price tag beyond what your budget allows.

Your needs: These are the must-have features that you can’t live without. For those with children, you will likely need a home with at least three bedrooms. It would be convenient to have an extra bedroom for guests or an office, but you can certainly make do without. When it comes to bathrooms, be prepared to settle for a home with two. You will need one for family use and one for guests; a master ensuite is an added bonus.

The kitchen is one space that many house hunters don’t want to compromise on, particularly the person who does the most cooking. When viewing homes, pay close attention to things like counter space, layout and the number of cupboards. These are factors that will come into play on a daily basis and cannot be changed without major renovation.

Depending on the number of vehicles you own, having ample space for parking is a definite need. There’s nothing worse than driving up and down your street searching for a parking space every night.
If you have children and/or pets, you will also want to consider outdoor space. A backyard doesn’t have to be huge, but many people consider it a necessity for little ones or pets.

Your wants: Once you begin your home search, you may find that items you originally considered “needs” can actually be categorized as “wants”. It’s more important to stay within your budget than it is to buy a home that is loaded with extras. Granite countertops, an island and a marble backsplash would be lovely to have, but remember that you can always add these features down the road when you can afford it. The same goes for hardwood floors, a finished basement and a pool in the backyard. The best part about buying a home you can improve on is the opportunity to earn a return on your investment.

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