Lansing-Westgate Luxury Homes for Sale in Toronto

Lansing, Westgate TorontoBounded by Yonge Street to the east, Highway 401 to the south, Bathurst Street to the west and Burnette Avenue to the north, there’s Lansing-Westage.  A community that can even be broken down even further with Lansing occupying the north east and Armour Heights the southwest section. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact demographic for Lansing-Westgate. It’s a mixed bag of different backgrounds. There’s a percentage of the community that are older with adult children living in post-war bungalows. There’s also the wealthy younger demographic  living in `re-builds’.  In recent years, a bit of construction has been going on in the area as families with money buy old land to only tear them down to build million dollar properties. Ranging from older homes to newer,  larger homes, Burnette Avenue is the furthest street to the north. Then, there’s Burndale Avenue which reminds me of cottage properties you’d see on the way to a beach.  Elmhust Avenue gives me the same feel. Beach homes of all sizes with a cottage feel.  Harlandale Avenue is where you will notice a change. Bigger revamped homes ranging from single family to townhomes to bungalows.  There’s even a park on the street for the kids. Welbeck Road is the main street that connects all of the avenues together and to use to get back on Sheppard Avenue. With Yonge to the east, you’re close to transit, shopping and schools.

Current Inventory of Homes For Sale in Lansing-Westgate

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