Settling In To Your New Neighbourhood

Many people, especially those with school-age children, try to plan their move day before that September rush. Regardless of when you’ve landed in your new home, what can you do to help you and your family settle in more quickly?

Even before you move, use the Internet to tour your new area. Google Maps has a street view of nearly everywhere now. You can see your new house and take a virtual walk down the street. Make a note of the location of coffee shops, community centres, your kid’s schools, playgrounds, the grocery store and all those daily essentials.

Connect with your children’s schools as soon as possible. If possible, take your children to tour their school in June before the school year ends so they can see where their classroom will be, meet the teachers and maybe even make new friends. If that isn’t possible, teachers are usually back at school a week or two before Labour Day and may allow a quick visit then. Teachers and principals are fantastic resources to help you find parents groups, walking school buses and other school-related community events.

Plan a “tourist day” with your family. Contact the local tourist office or city hall and get a map of the area. Then, walk around and visit the local cafés, ice cream shops, the library and the community centre. Chat with the shop owners and introduce yourself as new to the area. People are generally very happy to share their knowledge about their hometown.

Community centres and your local library often have great summer programs for kids and families that will help you meet people. Make sure you sign up for your community newspaper as well. Make a promise to yourself to meet one new person a week. It will make a huge difference in making your new community home.

Spend time in your front yard. You’ll have more opportunity to meet your neighbours. Don’t be afraid to knock on your neighbours’ doors and introduce yourself, as well.

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