Storage Sheds 101

If your garage, basement or attic is busting at the seams, it’s likely time to invest in a quality outdoor storage shed to help reduce your clutter woes. Like most products these days, sheds come in a wide-variety of sizes, materials and price-points to suit your needs. Here are a few pointers to consider before you hit your local hardware store.
Decide if you’re going to build from scratch, install a prefabricated unit yourself, or hire a professional to install one for you. The prefabricated shed is leading the way in storage trends as it’s easy to assemble over a weekend, cost effective and comes as a one stop shop solution with everything included in one kit.
Sheds generally come in wood, plastic, vinyl or metal materials. Consider the materials not only for their looks, but what you plan to store inside as well as the surrounding climate. For example metal sheds heat up in the summer and are not safe for storing gasoline or other volatile liquids. Natural wood will require refinishing as the wood fades in the elements, whereas plastic and vinyl sheds are maintenance free. Price will also be a determining factor and can vary from $200 for a small metal structure all the way up to $5,000+ for a more elaborate wood model.
The storage shed will become a part of your property and either positively or negatively impact the appearance of your home. Because of this it’s important that you take into account a style that would compliment the look and feel of your home and your yard. Tie in colour schemes and add landscaping around the unit to help integrate the shed into your property.
Choosing the right size is equally important. Do some upfront measuring to ensure that your largest item will easily fit through the door. It’s generally best to buy a unit that’s slightly larger than your current possessions, since storage-worthy toys and tools tend to accumulate each year.
If you’re taking the popular prefabricated kit route, be sure to do some comparison-shopping before you make your final purchase. Hardware and garden stores will compete on price, so it’s worth a bit of upfront research to save a few hundred dollars.

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