July 2013 Video Newsletter For Home Sellers

How You Can Sell Your Home 78% Faster!

In this video I share with you the importance of first impressions and home staging.

Transcription of the video:

When selling a home, first impressions do matter.

And actually, your Home Buyer has many first impressions during the home buying process. And all of them matter.

There is the first impression of seeing your house online. The pictures and video they see there.

There is the first impression of the neighborhood, as the buyer drives through, on the way to your house.

Then there is the first impression of parking the car and looking up at your house for the first time.

And of course, the first impression as they walk through the front door. All of these first impressions matter and can affect the sale of your house.

It’s either love at first sight or… On to the next!!!

How do you make a good first impression

Not every Home-Seller might have the cash or desire to put on new siding or paint the exterior. Or to install new hardwood floors.

That’s OK. Some quick, small attention to details, can play a big impact in the first impression of your house.

These are easy-to-do updates and the type of thing an interior decorator would advise you to do to help “stage” a property so it is more attractive to buyers. The goal: make your house show better than the competitions home for sale on the real estate market!

Your home has to look great to a potential buyer as soon as they walk through the door; it needs to feel like home.

Have you ever been to a car dealership to buy a new car and there is trash on

the front seat of the car and empty soda cans in the cup holders or paper and trash on the back seat?

Absolutely not!

A car dealership knows in order to sell the car, they need to “stage” the car.

The same when selling your home. You have to “stage” the house and make it look the best you can.

Homes that are “Staged” spend 78% less time on market, helping you to sell quickly.

Condition is an important factor in getting your home sold, so having it “staged to show”

helps your property put its best foot forward and is a critical factor in getting your home sold quickly.

Request Your Free “Outside-Inside Every Room Review”

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