How Much Is My Home Worth?

Anyone can tell you how much your home is worth. Your brother-in-law, your mom, neighbours and even the postman. But can any of the back it up with research? That is where I come in to the picture. As an Ex-Appraiser, I have the skills and training to give you an accurate price range for your home. I will show you current market conditions and tell you the truth even if it risks upsetting you.

No good will come from listing a home for way over the market value. When we overprice a home, you will lose by either getting low ball offers or not getting any offers at all. In many cases you will have to lower the price and stay on the market longer. When you walk in to a store, all the new arrivals are at the front and what is usually in the back? That’s right, all the discount stock. You want to be that new arrival item, all shiny, priced right and ready to go. Don’t risk hiring someone that gives you empty promises saying your house is worth ‘X’ amount just so they can sign you up and plan for a price reduction.

Example #1: Market Value is $650,000. Listed at $650,000 & Sold at $650,000

Example #2: Market Value is $650,000. Listed at $750,000, after 30 days, price is reduced to $700,000. After another 30 days, price is reduced to $650,000. After 30 more days, buyers are asking what’s wrong with the house? Finally a buyer looking for good deals snaps it up at $625,000.

Which would you prefer Example #1 or Example #2?

It’s safe to say I prefer Example #1.

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