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About the City of Toronto

Toronto boasts the claim of being Canada’s largest city, and with it come a great deal of amenities and unique events, people, places, and organizations that you can’t find elsewhere in Canada. It’s an expansive city with a great deal of real estate to boot, but you won’t find a more welcoming atmosphere in any other city in Canada.

Toronto is truly a cosmopolitan, world-class city with distinct neighbourhoods, unique cultures, and all of the food, film, music, and diverse attractions that go along with it. From the charm of older, tight-knit neighborhoods with quaint homes and wonderful landscapes, to the broader and more bustling business centers that thrive in the city, Toronto has it all.

The city also lays claim to an amazing array of unique neighbourhoods that are sure to appeal to any person’s taste or style, from Little Italy in the College Street West area, to Danforth Avenue’s Greektown, Korea Town out in Seaton Village, and a whopping six different areas known as Chinatown and with Chinese cultural cache.

You name a culture, and chances are, Toronto has the corresponding neighbourhood, replete with food, music, and other attractions! You have the opportunity in Toronto to experience the world without ever leaving your backyard, and it is unlike any other city in Canada in respect to its cultural reach, welcoming attitude, great weather, and amazing and unique neighbourhoods.

It’s not all culture in Toronto, though. The city holds some of the world’s greatest universities, including the University of Toronto and several private universities that attract students from all over the globe and create a young, urban working class that is making Toronto shine in the business world.

Speaking of that business world, Toronto is the financial hub of the entire country, and it is home to many of the world’s largest and most successful corporations. With an extremely resilient economy and a great job market, Toronto withstood the global recession, and has now come out on the other side, eager for more and ready to continue to expand and grow as a community.

The hustle, bustle, and world-class nature of Toronto do not alone define the city, though. Toronto is also a quaint and quiet place, and the neighbourhoods it boasts hold families that have lived in the city for generations, next to newcomers eager to experience the city for themselves.

In Toronto, it is possible to feel like you are living in a small town in the middle of a big city. Get lost in your neighborhood and enjoy the hyper-local attractions of your block, or venture around the city and experience the world in one location in Canada. In Toronto, anything is possible, and it’s the best place to live in the country!