30 Canterbury Place – Dia Condominiums / North York Condos

30 Canterbury Place, North York

30 Canterbury Place, North York

30 Canterbury Place – North York

Name of Condo – Dia Condominiums

Pricing as of 2015 (For updated pricing, email us at info@kirbychan.com)

1 Bedroom + Den Units starts at $280,000 – $320,000

2 Bedroom Units starts at $360,000 – $400,000

2 Bedroom + Den Units starts at $450,000

Built in 2007

Beautiful Exterior Constructed of Concrete, Glass & Brick.

Condo consists of 18 Floors and 164 units.

In 2007, I watched this condo being built. I was an appraiser and many of my clients bought brand new from the builder.

There are 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom + den, 2 bedroom and 2 bedroom + den units.

I really like this condo because it’s funky, it’s different and it’s not boring like most North York Condos.

Every unit has 9-foot ceilings and some units even have large rooftop terraces.

Amenities include a 24-hour concierge, outdoor courtyard, fitness/yoga room, meditation room, library, hot tub and steam showers.

Conveniently located in the heart of North York, just south of Finch and walking distance to Mel Lastman Square.

We just listed 30 Canterbury Pl #909. Virtual Tour

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My Son’s Top 10 Children’s Activities in Toronto

Toronto is an amazing city and I love buying and selling homes here. No troubles there.

One thing I do have troubles with is finding activities to do with my 2 sons.

So I have compiled my son’s top 10 list of his favourite places to go and things to do.

10. Going to a Raptor’s Game. It’s fall once again and they know how much dad loves the ever improving Raps. Let’s them yell at the top of their lungs.

9. Going to the Evergreen Brickworks farmers market. A definite plus is having the kids climb the mountain to get their energy out so they can take a nap on the drive home.

8. Going to Little India and learning a part of our mixed heritage. We love Indian food & music.

7. Going to Fantasy Fair. My sons love trains and they have a train ride at Fantasy Fair. We rode it 3 times last time we were there. We sometimes bring their older cousins aged 9-11. It’s a great place for toddlers up to pre-teens. We always try to go on a weekday, less lineups.

6. Going to the CNE. Yes the CNE just passed but I had to include this one. They are so amazed seeing so many people, flashing lights and junk food in one place. Maybe next year, we might bring our own lunches and have a picnic.

5. Going to the Science Centre.  We bought the season pass and the best thing is that kids under 3 are free. I forced my kids to go see the Star Trek Starfleet Academy Show and we (I) had lots of fun. Proving the Science Centre is fun for all ages. They had a lot of fun inside the planetarium, looking at the planets and stars.

4. Going to Riverdale Farm. This would be on the top of the list for “Free Things to do in Toronto”. Smack dab in the heart of the city is a farm. How cool is that? Open all year round from 9am to 5pm. My son’s favourite animals are horses and cows. Even though there weren’t any cows, he went crazy just seeing the horse. Be careful though, there’s no petting or feeding the animals.

3. Going to the Local Library. This would be second on the list for  “Free Things to do in Toronto”. Even though it’s free, I still pay about $100 in late fees a year. My kids have got to stop hiding those books and dvds. Everytime we go we borrow about 20 books and it’s great because they get bored of them so quickly. In the age of all this digital iPads and internet, there’s no replacement for a good ‘ole book.

2. Going to Canada’s Wonderland. The most expensive activity on the list and one of the most fun your kids will ever have. Roller Coasters, Water Park and all sorts of rides makes this place crazy fun for kids of all ages. I used to love roller coasters but now I get queasy just looking at the Leviathan.

1. Going to the Toronto Zoo. I remember going to the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo as a kid and it didn’t have half the animals they have now. We went this summer and we saw the Giant Pandas. The 45-minute wait was not bad because you get to learn about the pandas while you wait in the pavilion. This one is #1 because they love animals. There are toy animals all over the house. They kept the map and still read it from time to time, reliving their adventure.

There you have it, my son’s top ten kid’s attractions in Toronto. Hope you found this list useful and if you do, please share it on Facebook, Twitter or Email it to your friends.

Do your kids like the same places or do you have other favourites? Leave me a comment below.

Lansing-Westgate Luxury Homes for Sale in Toronto

Lansing, Westgate TorontoBounded by Yonge Street to the east, Highway 401 to the south, Bathurst Street to the west and Burnette Avenue to the north, there’s Lansing-Westage.  A community that can even be broken down even further with Lansing occupying the north east and Armour Heights the southwest section. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact demographic for Lansing-Westgate. It’s a mixed bag of different backgrounds. There’s a percentage of the community that are older with adult children living in post-war bungalows. There’s also the wealthy younger demographic  living in `re-builds’.  In recent years, a bit of construction has been going on in the area as families with money buy old land to only tear them down to build million dollar properties. Ranging from older homes to newer,  larger homes, Burnette Avenue is the furthest street to the north. Then, there’s Burndale Avenue which reminds me of cottage properties you’d see on the way to a beach.  Elmhust Avenue gives me the same feel. Beach homes of all sizes with a cottage feel.  Harlandale Avenue is where you will notice a change. Bigger revamped homes ranging from single family to townhomes to bungalows.  There’s even a park on the street for the kids. Welbeck Road is the main street that connects all of the avenues together and to use to get back on Sheppard Avenue. With Yonge to the east, you’re close to transit, shopping and schools.

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Armour Heights Luxury Homes for Sale in Toronto

Armour Heights Toronto Bounded by Wilson Avenue to the south, Bathurst Street to the west and the west branch of the Don River to the north and east, we find Armour Heights.

Named after John Armour, a farmer who was granted a concession to the area sometime before 1837,  Armour Heights homes were built from 1920 to the 1970’s. They range in sizes from two-storey, three bedroom homes to the mansions with the ravine lots along Sandringham Drive. Meanwhile, on the north end of the Heights, south of Earl Bales Park are homes that are on the land of the old York Downs Golf Club.

The area is known for its modernist architectural designs – which was the in-thing dating back to the 60s till the 70s.

As for shopping and recreation, there’s always something to do. The Armour Heights Community Centre has a library, dance and fitness programs for adults, and an after school program. The Don Valley Golf Course is not too far as its just at the south-east boundary of the neighborhood. Earl Bales Park is to the north off Bathurst Street. This is where you can find North York Ski Centre, which offers lessons, clinics and rentals. Access to the West Don River Parkland trails is available at the north end of Earl Bates Park off Don River Boulevard. For shopping and food, a drive along Avenue Road and you’ll find plenty of good treats.

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