ReBarCamp Toronto 2014 Is The Most Anticipated Real Estate Event In Toronto!

REBarcamp Toronto 2014

REBarcamp Toronto 2014

REBarCamp Toronto is one of my most anticipated Real Estate Events of the year.

For the past two years I have spoken at REBarCamp and other events. Nothing compares to the format and the open forum discussions that happen at REbarCamp. As a presenter, my role isn’t one of a lecturer but a facilitator. Presenters are encourage to inspire and collaborate thereby achieving the sessions goals.

This year the event is on Monday, April 28, 2014 starting at 8:30 am and ending at 5 pm.
Once again it will located at The Evergreen Brickworks, located at 550 Bayview Avenue which is just south of St. Clair Road.

In 2012 I spoke about how IDX is going to change the Real Estate Industry.

In 2013 I spoke about how focusing on a Niche was the way for the single agent to beat the big boys in Real Estate.

This year, my focus is on Videos. With videos you can increase your exposure. Each video is a clone of yourself helping you Lead Generate, Lead Conversion & Staying in Contact with Clients.

So how does REBarCamp Toronto work?

When you arrive, park your car. Parking was sponsored last year, so it maybe sponsored again this year.

After you sign in, you are greeted to a generous continental breakfast provided by BELONG CATERING.

Remember to bookmark for your schedule which updates through-out the day as sessions are added on the fly.

I’m excited to announce that some special guests are coming to town.  Patrick Healey, Krisstina Wise, Gary Wise, Joe Schutt, Darlene Sodano & Suzanne Roy are going to facilitate some great sessions.

The following sessions are ones I won’t want to miss:

Leadership in Real Estate: Melanie Piche will host Krisstina Wise, Shirley Porter, Suzanne Roy, Diane Usher:

Should you build a team? Lead or manage brokerage? Get politically involved with the associations? Join us for an open conversation about the leadership challenges and opportunities in real estate.

Danny Wood: How digital advertising is chasing you… and how agents can use this for lead generation!

It’s a digital age and marketing is getting more technical. Those who understand the puzzle are leading the way to cheaper leads, better branding and with a local focus! Dan Wood will be showing us how to target consumers online and answer questions on the spot. Not just for internet geeks. This is for agents doing farming, referrals, seminars, FSBO and all pillars of business.

Krisstina Wise Tells All: Krisstina Wise Presentation

Here is quick breakdown of the day’s schedule.

Morning sessions start at 9:30 am.

Session 1 – 9:30 am – 10:15 am
Session 2 – 10:30 am – 11:15 am
Session 3 – 11:30 am – 12:15 am

Lunch starts at 12:15 and a delicious box lunch is provided.

Afternoon sessions start at 1:30 pm

Session 4 – 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm
Session 5 – 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm
Session 6 – 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm

Finale – Raffle draw and the beer is at 4:15

Hope to see you there and remember to look for this guy.

Kirby Chan RebarCamp Toronto 2014

Kirby Chan


My Son’s Top 10 Children’s Activities in Toronto

Toronto is an amazing city and I love buying and selling homes here. No troubles there.

One thing I do have troubles with is finding activities to do with my 2 sons.

So I have compiled my son’s top 10 list of his favourite places to go and things to do.

10. Going to a Raptor’s Game. It’s fall once again and they know how much dad loves the ever improving Raps. Let’s them yell at the top of their lungs.

9. Going to the Evergreen Brickworks farmers market. A definite plus is having the kids climb the mountain to get their energy out so they can take a nap on the drive home.

8. Going to Little India and learning a part of our mixed heritage. We love Indian food & music.

7. Going to Fantasy Fair. My sons love trains and they have a train ride at Fantasy Fair. We rode it 3 times last time we were there. We sometimes bring their older cousins aged 9-11. It’s a great place for toddlers up to pre-teens. We always try to go on a weekday, less lineups.

6. Going to the CNE. Yes the CNE just passed but I had to include this one. They are so amazed seeing so many people, flashing lights and junk food in one place. Maybe next year, we might bring our own lunches and have a picnic.

5. Going to the Science Centre.  We bought the season pass and the best thing is that kids under 3 are free. I forced my kids to go see the Star Trek Starfleet Academy Show and we (I) had lots of fun. Proving the Science Centre is fun for all ages. They had a lot of fun inside the planetarium, looking at the planets and stars.

4. Going to Riverdale Farm. This would be on the top of the list for “Free Things to do in Toronto”. Smack dab in the heart of the city is a farm. How cool is that? Open all year round from 9am to 5pm. My son’s favourite animals are horses and cows. Even though there weren’t any cows, he went crazy just seeing the horse. Be careful though, there’s no petting or feeding the animals.

3. Going to the Local Library. This would be second on the list for  “Free Things to do in Toronto”. Even though it’s free, I still pay about $100 in late fees a year. My kids have got to stop hiding those books and dvds. Everytime we go we borrow about 20 books and it’s great because they get bored of them so quickly. In the age of all this digital iPads and internet, there’s no replacement for a good ‘ole book.

2. Going to Canada’s Wonderland. The most expensive activity on the list and one of the most fun your kids will ever have. Roller Coasters, Water Park and all sorts of rides makes this place crazy fun for kids of all ages. I used to love roller coasters but now I get queasy just looking at the Leviathan.

1. Going to the Toronto Zoo. I remember going to the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo as a kid and it didn’t have half the animals they have now. We went this summer and we saw the Giant Pandas. The 45-minute wait was not bad because you get to learn about the pandas while you wait in the pavilion. This one is #1 because they love animals. There are toy animals all over the house. They kept the map and still read it from time to time, reliving their adventure.

There you have it, my son’s top ten kid’s attractions in Toronto. Hope you found this list useful and if you do, please share it on Facebook, Twitter or Email it to your friends.

Do your kids like the same places or do you have other favourites? Leave me a comment below.

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